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Ski center "Sun Valley"

ornolyzhny resort "Sun Valley" - one of the best places to vacation in the southern Urals during the winter. The complex is located on the hill known, part of the famous Ural Mountains Ilmen-Tau, near the city of Miass, Syrostan settlement.

"Sun Valley" - an education and training ski resort, where 30 high quality instructors ready to teach you all the skills of skating and learn the basics you faster ownership snowboarding and skiing. Operates a special park for children.

The blue line (Solar) is perfect for skiing skiing with an average level of training. On this track you can afford to ride in the dark thanks to artificial light, its length is 1000 meters. The green line (Training) is designed for beginners, ideal for training with an instructor on the track there is no complicated turns and bends, it is also equipped with a special lift.

Phone: +7 (351) 778 54 26

Address: Chelyabinsk region, Miass, pos. Syrostan (map)

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GC "Metallurg-Magnitogorsk" (Lake, "Bath")

This is an environmentally clean area with mild climate, surrounded by picturesque mountains and stunning in its beauty with forests. Ride is interesting both for beginners podrukovodstvom experienced instructor and good ride.

Phone: +7 (3519) 255-601+7 (3519) 255-878

Address: Magnitogorsk, st. Kirov, 70 (map)

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